May 9, 2011

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April 10, 2010

March 30, 2009

The Face

What more can be said than that this is simply amazing? What a great gift for a loved one. Can be ordered with or without the frame.

Other Furnishings

King size sleigh bed made of solid mahogany. BEAUTIFUL!

Matching nightstand.

And a bookcase to finish off the room!

Every dream bedroom needs a Cheval Mirror!

Cherry roll-top desk and chair. How elegant!

Grandfather clock. Solid!

Kitchen island - made to match existing cabinets and countertops - looks like it came with the house!

Blanket Box - a beautiful way to store your heirlooms.


March 26, 2009

Kids' Furniture

Here is just a sampling of the Kids' Furniture pieces that Shawn has made over the years.

This bed was lovingly made for Shawn's son when he transitioned from a crib. The sides were built up so that a bedrail would not be necessary, but so that the child could still climb in on his own. It was also handpainted to match the room's theme.

This headboard is your typical garden-variety "white-picket-fence." Perfect in any little girl's room!

This is a fort that was handpainted afterwards to resemble a castle. Tiny holes were drilled in one side in the shape of a star, and then LED lights were placed in each hole.

This loft bed was made by reconstructing the fort. It was then repainted to give it a more grown-up feel. The child still has a hide-away under the bed!